Pottery Classes

Pottery classes are available at Tattershall Station Gallery and Pottery. Over a 6 week period, students have the opportunity to use the potter's wheel to develop throwing skills, learn about press mould dish making, use slabs to construct shapes and employ hand-building techniques. Various decorating methods and glazing instruction are provided as the course progresses. Finished items are fired and are taken home by their proud creators. Samples of students' work and their working environment are displayed below. The cost of this 6 week course, (each session lasting two hours), is £90.00, and does not necessarily have to run consecutively if the student knows of a prior engagement, which would otherwise, clash. Finished, fired pottery is an extra cost of one penny per two grams. Tea or coffee is included. Please contact us for further information.

A Pottery Experience

Looking for an unusual gift, mark a special occasion or just want to try your hand at potting with no long term commitment? We are able to offer "one off" pottery experiences for couples or small groups of friends and, or relations. Over the period of about three hours, participants will have the opportunity to throw on the potter's wheel and make a press-moulded dish. All of this will be under the guidance of experienced potter and teacher, Arthur Watson. Pottery made at this session will be subsequently glazed and fired, and available for the participant to keep. The fee for this special experience is £150.00 for up to 4 people, to include the cost of 3 finished pots. Additional pots at one penny per 2 grams, (clay, slip, glaze and firing in the kiln etc.). Tea or coffee will also be served.

Anyone interested, (available times and dates etc.), please contact us for details, and we shall be happy to elaborate.

Student throwing
Student on wheel

Throwing and fettling on the wheel

Joanne at work.


Fettling previously thrown pots

Victoria and Shelley.

Developing skills

Students making

Lisa's slab pot and Ted throwing.

Tom's teapot

Tom's teapot & bowls by others.

Tom's well crafted teapot and bowls by particiipants in one-off pottery experience.


Pottery experience dishes

Made by participants in one-off pottery experience.


Dishes by pottery experience participants

Made during a one-off pottery experience.

bird pot
bird pot

Bird pots by Jo

Coiled and slabbed.

bird pot
bird house

Bird houses by Jo and Lucille

Coiled and slabbed.

decorated bowls
green man

Ceramics by Lucille

Thrown bowls with added modelling and a Green Man.

tea cups
wallpot owl

Ceramics by Liza

Thrown bowls and slab owl wall pot.


Mugs by Jess

Thrown pottery.

thrown bowls
green man

Ceramics by Jess

Thrown bowls and mugs.

Tina's train
Tina's Teddy

Tina's sculptures

Slabbed and modelled.

Tina's owls
Tina's sheep

Modelled by Tina

Stoneware figures.

Tina's Ted

Models by Tina


Sue's coil pot
Jayne's coil pot

Coil pots by Sue and Jayne

Combining a coiled base with a thrown neck.

Sue's slab pot
Jayne's slab pot

Slab pots by Jayne and Sue

Incised and inscribed.

Lidded jar
Lidded pot

A lidded vessel by Jo

Thrown base and lid.

Ruby's pot
Ruby's pot

Ruby's snail pot

Thrown and modelled.

Teapot by Nick
Nick's teapot

Teapots by Nick

Thrown and constructed.

Mugs by Nick

Teapot and mugs

All thrown on the wheel.

Floral box 1
Floral box 2

Tina's Floral Boxes

Hand modelled

Wall Owl
Owl wall pot

Wall Pot Owl

Modelled by Victoria

floral box
floral box

Floral Boxes by Tina

Modalled by hand

Nick's mugs
Nick's pots

Nick's thrown pots

Throwing skills developing nicely.

Slab pot
Pressed plate

Pots by Jess

Slab pot and pressed plate.

Nick and Ruby's slab pots
Victoria's slab pots

Slab pots

Very different approaches to slab pottery.

Lisa's slab pot
Margaret's slab pot

Slab pots

Incised decoration.

Coil pot
Coil pot

Coil Pots

By Lisa and Tina.

Arthur throwing
Jo thowing

Arthur and Jo

Throwng on the wheel.


Thrown flatware by Sue & Jayne

With ornate handles.

money pots
Jo's birds

Thrown, closed money boxes & thumb pot birds

By Nick, Ruby and Jo.

Ceramic basket
handled plate

Pots by Tish

Coil pot and pressed moulded dish.


Ornate plates

By Tom and Jess.


First thrown bowls

By Jess, Tom and Maxine.

lidded pot
lamp base

Lidded pot & lamp base

By Shelley and Lucille.

Pottery workshop

Pottery workshop

Pottery wheels in the throwing workshop.

Individual ceramic 6Gas kiln
Elictric kiln

Pottery kilns

Gas fired and electric fired kilns.

Lucille's biscuit barrel
Lisa's lamp base

Lucille and Lisa

With their slab pots.

pots by Victoria
pots by Tish

Thrown and incised & closed at top

Pots by Tish.

Jo's elephants
Jo's elephants

Jo's elephants

With metalic glaze.

coil pot
Student's pot

Coil pots

By Liza and Lucille.

press moulded dish
press moulded plate

Press moulded dishes

By Sue and Jayne.

oval plate

Jo's plates

Press moulded with impressed decoration.

Shelley's bowl

Thrown pots

By Jo and Shelley.

Victoria's plate
Victoria's pot

Victoria's first pots

Press moulded and thrown.

Jo's plaque

By Jo and Tina

Joanne's house plaque and Tina's coil pot.

Thrown by Shelley
By Shelley

Shelley's first pots

Thrown pieces

modelled rabbit

Modelled by Lucille

Finished with iron oxide.

Slab pot
Slab pot

Slab pots

Combining thrown and slabbed forms.

Slab pot
Slab pot

Slab pots

Decorated using sgraffito technique.

Liz's bowl
Liz's bowl

14 inch incised bowl by Liz

Fired to 1200c.

Thrown pots

Thrown and pressed


Thrown bowl

Bowl and plate

By Liza and Jo.

pressed dish
pressed dish

Press moulded by Paul & Ruth

Fired to 1200c.

Slab pots
Liz's pot

Slab pots

With incised decoration.

Tina's coil pot
Tish's coil pot

Coil pots by Tina & Tish

Stoneware pots decorated in relief.

coil pot
coil pot

Coil pot by Tina

A large hand-built pot.

Thrown pot

First pots

Learning about throwing and glazing.

pressed dish

Pressed dishes

By participants in a one-off pottery experience.

press moulded dishes

Press moulded plates and thrown bowls

Using coils, modelling and sprigs.

Coiled dish

Dishes by Hayley

Coiled and pressed dishes.

Earthenware tile
Green Man

Plaques by Hayley and Ted

Earthenware and stoneware.

curtain weights

Curtain weights and bowl by Hayley

Slabs and a thrown piece.

Mould bowl
thrown bowl

Bowls, moulded and thrown

Press moulded and incised with thrown bowl.

Students' pots
Jo throwing

Students' pots & at work

Joanne throwing.

coil pot
coil pot2

Coil Pots

Combining hand-built and thrown pieces.

coil pot

By Lisa and Lucille

Coil pot and pressed dish with glass cullet.

Victoria's owl
Lucille's owl

Owls by Victoria & Lucille

Coiled and slabbed.

slab pot
slab pot

Slab Pots

Incised and modelled decoration.

woven plate
coiled plate

Coiled Plates

Built with coils and subtle glazes.

Slab pot
square dish

Pots by Tom and Jo

Slab lighthouse and square dish.

lidded jar

Thrown Vessels

Using wax on lid and decoration.


Thrown Vases

Dipped and brushed decoration.

coil pot
coil pot

Coil Pots

Two different approaches.

incised pot

Incised & Hand-Built

A thrown and hand-built pot.

Jayne throwing
Sue throwing

Jayne and Sue Throwing

Making narrow neck bottles.

slab pot
slab pot

Slab Pots

Modelled and incised.


Thrown Plates

Flatware thrown on the wheel.


Sculpted Bowls

Thrown and embellished.

pottery experience pots
thrown pots

Thrown bowls

By participants in a 3 hour one-off pottery experience.


Thrown Pieces

Made on the wheel.

Plates by Tish
Shelley's pot

Thrown plates

Flatware and bowl.


Press Moulded Dishes

Spontaneous brushwork.


Slab Vases

Round slabs.


Thrown Colanders & Vase

Involving incising and handling.

slip trailing

Slip Cast and Slip Trailing

Slip is liquid clay.

Joanne's slip cast tea set
Mark's slip cast tea set

Slip Cast Tea Sets

Earthenware with brush on glazes.

slip cast vase

Slip Cast Vase & Thrown Bottles

Mark's vase and Joanne's exercise in throwing a narrow neck.

making slab pots
pugging clay

Making Slab Pots & Pugging

Students working in the workshop.

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